Legal counsel in merger and acquisition projects together with comprehensive counsel concerning corporate law constitutes one of the most important areas of our legal practice.

In this area, we provide services such as:

  • Developing legal and tax structures for planned investments;
  • Carrying out legal and tax due diligence;
  • Preparing documentation related to a transaction; and
  • Participating in and advising our clients during negotiations.

We provide legal counsel to parties acting as either vendors or buyers of shares, stocks, or assets constituting an enterprise. Our lawyers provide counsel in the preparation of strategies for the acquisition of companies as well as investments in enterprises for the buyers, the investors as well as companies that are the subject of an acquisition.

We also prepare structures that ensure tax optimisation and allow for the safe, fast, and cost-effective carrying out of a transaction.

Our services include:

  • The establishment, transformation, merger, demerger, and winding up of companies;
  • The preparation of internal documents, resolutions, and minutes; and
  • The legal servicing of company governing bodies.

We also provide legal opinions regarding the above services.

Additionally, we represent the shareholders in shareholders’ meetings and provide comprehensive legal counsel to and representation for our clients in disputes related to corporate matters.

Our services also cover legal counsel in processes relating to the privatisation of state and municipal assets. In this respect, we participate in the preparation of a legal strategy for the acquisition of assets being privatised, as well as the financing of such transactions.

We provide legal counsel on the drafting of offers for the purposes of privatisation proceedings and represent investors in negotiations and tender proceedings, both in respect to privatisation consisting of the sale of shares in companies as well as the sale of assets owned by a state or municipal entity.

Finally we provide legal counsel on issues relating to obligations arising from privatisation agreements as well as the development and implementation of processes relating to the restructurisation of  assets acquired by way of privatisation.