Kozłowski Śmigielska & Partners focuses on resolving complex disputes and representing its clients’ interests in all judicial proceedings. Our services are comprehensive and appropriate to the stage of the dispute or proceeding.We believe that success in a dispute depends to a large extent on preparation; we therefore begin work by carrying out an assessment of a situation and then selecting the most appropriate solution. We perform an analysis of the merits of claims in a dispute and help prepare for a possible trial, including the collection and safeguarding of evidence. Together with the client, we develop a strategy for the proceedings and subsequently implement this strategy. If the nature of the case requires, we also cooperate with specialists from other fields.Above all we provide counsel in disputes between parties to commercial transactions including disputes relating to:

  • The performance of contracts associated with real estate investments;
  • The liability of entities performing banking and brokerage services;
  • The merits of a refusal to cover loss or damage;
  • Conflicts between partners in partnerships and conflicts between shareholders;
  • Challenge of decisions of companies’ governing bodies;
  • The performance of director service contracts;
  • Copyright, patents, and trademark rights;
  • Acts of unfair competition; and
  • Product liability.

We have experience in dealing with cases before both state courts and arbitral tribunals. We represent clients in proceedings aimed at the securing of claims or the collection of ruled benefits. We also participate in negotiations aimed at finding amicable solutions to disputes. Additionally, we participate in cases relating to the recognition or enforcement of rulings issued by foreign state courts or arbitral tribunals in Poland.Finally, we provide services relating to the representation of parties in administrative, penal, and fiscal-penal proceedings associated with commercial activities.