We provide legal advice on a full range of issues related to the acquisition, management, growth, and protection of personal assets by individual clients (located within Poland).

We advise clients on the acquisition of major assets for personal use and investment purposes and the management of those assets, which particularly involves legal assistance with the management of individually held real estate and leasing of such real estate. We also advise on financing the acquisition of personal estates.

We advise on protection of assets in case of unpredictable events. We provide legal assistance with insurance of an estate by structuring family relations in such a way as to protect the estate in the event of failure of commercial or career-related ventures.

We counsel on the creation of legal structures for individuals, which facilitate asset management, secure the estate against various adverse commercial circumstances, and ensure fundamental tax optimization of assets and the profits they generate.

We also deal with tax optimization for the disposal of personal assets, particularly shares and privately owned real estate.