As a result of cooperation with public sector entities over the years, as well as in-depth practice in respect to public law, we have established an interdisciplinary team within our law office that provides comprehensive legal services to public institutions, as well as to companies related to public administration, public finances, European Union funds, and public orders.

We provide our clients with the following legal supports:

  • Preparing opinions, legal analyses, and expert opinions on both currently binding and proposed legal regulations;
  • Providing legal assistance relating to legislature; the preparation of draft decisions, rulings, and internal normative acts; and drafts of legal acts and executive regulations;
  • Providing support to government authorities in the implementation of Community law in the Polish legal system by conducting evaluations of the compliance to binding legal regulations within Community law (we also prepare the assumptions for draft normative acts);
  • Providing legal advisory services in cases related to breaches of public finance discipline (e.g., representation of the accused in instigated proceedings);
  • Ensuring comprehensive legal assistance in filing for EU co-financing under Infrastructure and Environment, Innovative Economy, Human Capital Operational Programmes, and Regional Operational Programmes, including at the appeals proceedings stage;
  • Providing legal assistance at the execution stage of agreements for co-financing, including disputes associated with the improper use of funds granted or their improper collection;
  • Preparing legal opinions, analyses, and reports concerning the eligibility of expenditures, the existence of State aid, and non-compliance of existing State aid with internal market policies;
  • Cooperating with the authorities managing operational programmes in the implementation of new solutions for the granting of co-financing, including the drafting of programme document changes and other necessary legislative changes;
  • Advising principals on all issues relating to the diligent performance of proceedings in cases related to the granting of public orders at the stage of tender documentation preparation, during the examination and evaluation of bids, and in proceedings instigated as a result of an appeal or complaint being filed;
  • Ensuring the legal servicing of public procurement proceedings for projects co-financed by EU funds (e.g., carrying out audits of proceedings or ex-ante audits of planned proceedings, preparing legal opinions concerning imposing of financial adjustments or appeals against imposed adjustments); and
  • Providing comprehensive legal advisory services to contractors taking part in public procurement proceedings by preparing and verifying draft filings for permission to participate in proceedings and bids by preparing draft appeals and complaints, and by representing contractors in proceedings instigated by the filing of such appeals and complaints.

Our strength is the provision of ongoing support to a team of legal experts who specialize in areas including contract, construction and copyright law. This allows us to ensure our clients comprehensive legal services at the highest professional level, while at the same time tailoring these services to their individual needs.