An important area of our practice is advising on tax matters. The tax law team operating within our law office provides advice to both businesses and private individuals not engaged in commercial activities.
The legal services provided by the law team include:

  • Advice concerning the tax aspects of transactions being handled by our law office;
  • The preparation of tax solutions allowing for the optimisation of tax costs for land development investments, as well as for capital transactions on the regulated or unregulated market;
  • Counsel concerning the international taxation of capital gains, as well as the operations of companies;
  • Advice concerning the tax optimisation of employment costs;
  • The preparation of documents relating to transfer pricing;
  • Tax auditing;
  • The preparation of legal opinions concerning personal income tax, corporate income tax, tax on civil-legal transactions, VAT, and excise tax; and
  • Representation in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

In providing tax advisory services, we also take into consideration our knowledge of other areas of law and accounting. As a result, we are able to present a solution to any particular issue that takes into consideration other aspects aside from the tax aspects of that particular case.