Klienci indywidualni

We have created prestigious legal services for individual clients who need legal advice of the highest quality, not only in their professional and commercial activities, but also in their personal lives.

The legal advice we provide is aimed exclusively toward people who require access to universal legal solutions in their private lives which ensure a level of comfort, such as in the acquisition and sale of major personal assets, enlargement of estate, personal tax optimization, or delicate family matters.

We provide advice on all sensitive legal issues connected with securing the personal position and estate of our clients and their families.

We advise individual clients on major issues which need to be resolved on a daily basis and on ventures requiring long-term planning. Our advocates and legal advisors have a wide range of knowledge and experience which they use to assist clients in most issues relating to important personal matters. The lawyers employed in our firm are trustworthy and discrete, and provide universal and professional legal services.